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Do You Have to Pay Pet Rent for an ESA?

Updated on June 08, 2023 by Patricia Thompson
People who have pet knows how well they make them feel. These little fur animals make you feel calmer and better to help you overcome your anxiety, stress, or other issues. Your routines are much healthier and happier when your ESA is around.
Do You Have to Pay Pet Rent for an ESA?

What is an Emotional Support Animal.

During your tough times, your little fur animals might be able to provide relief to your health by being by your side all the time. They provide a great therapeutic feeling to their owner by being with them. You can have them by your side as their rights are governed and well protected by the Fair Housing Act.

This means when you have an emotional support animal letter, it is protected by Fair Housing Act. You can have your pets as an ESA. The most common ESA are cats, horses, rabbits, reptiles, and dogs.

Your pet, which helps you to elevate your mental health conditions, is your emotional support animal.

What is exactly Pet Rent? Complete details on Pet rent.

If you are a tenant living in a rented apartment, your landlord will add the pet rent to the lease document. The pet rental is usually taken from you when you have a pet, and in case the pet damages any property of your rental home during the time of the rental agreement. This rent will usually cover the damages like stains on the wall, any chewed furniture (in case the house is furnished), scratches on the carpet, etc.

Apart from this, you may also be charged a pet fee deposit by some landlords.

The Legality of Pet rental

If your animals are your pets and not the assistant animals, then yes, pet rent and the deposit is legal.

Is Pet rent applicable to the ESA?

When you have an ESA, they are not regarded as pets anymore. From a legal perspective, ESA cannot pay the pet rent and deposit. The landlord may ask for the deposit for any damage, but in case of no damage, that will be returned to you in the end. You will have to get the ESA Letter which will act as a legal document to keep your ESA along with you in your home. To get your ESA letter, you need only get it from a licensed mental health professional near you or in your state. This will be the proof of the document for your ESA.

Fair Housing Act (FHA)

The Fair Housing Act was established to avoid any kind of discrimination based on gender, religion, caste, nationality, origin, and others. The Fair Housing Act enables the landlord to serve the accommodation for the assistant animals. As per this act, service pets and ESA are protected under this act and are not considered as other conventional pets.

Can your landlord not accept your ESA? What to do if they deny your ESA?

Legally, if you have your pet, you can be denied or charged pet rent, but if you have registered and have your ESA letter for your ESA, then the landlord cannot deny your ESA. The ESA letter has the protection of your ESA, and no landlord can deny it unless it is causing any kind of harm to the house or residents living by it.

Who Can Qualify For an ESA letter?

You can qualify for the ESA letter if you have a mental health condition. Mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD, panic attack, PTSD, bipolar disorder, etc. You can go to your nearest licensed mental health professional or online ESA letter provider who can help you get your ESA letter.

How Can You Get an ESA Letter From Fast ESA Letter?

If you are suffering from a mental health condition, and have your ESA with whom you feel better and see reduced symptoms of your mental health condition, then you can get your ESA Letter in just three simple steps.

3 step process to get an esa letter
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