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Do Dogs Get Hiccups? Here is What You Don’t Know.

Updated on May 25, 2023 by Daulton Dougan

You are sitting in your room with a warm cup of tea and your favorite book in your hand. The exotic rose candle lit near the bed smells so good.

Perfect time, Right?
All of a sudden, you heard a loud noise, “hic.”
You started looking around. Is it a ghost, or did someone break into your house?

In fear, you feel tightness in your throat and swallow your saliva.
Again the sound “hic” reverberates in your house.
You gather all the courage you had and head to the lobby with a groom in your hand. Well, something is better than nothing. Maybe the thief will get scared with a broom.

As you are stepping ahead toward the lobby, the sound is becoming more clear.

Now, it is clear; the sound is coming from under the sofa.
Wait, that’s a dog tail stretching out from the sofa.
“A storm in a teacup”
It’s your dog getting hiccups.
Wait, ”Do dogs get hiccups?”
If yes, what to do now?

Now, you are wondering what to do in this situation. Parenting becomes difficult in these times when you don’t know what to do.
Well, don’t worry. We understand dog parenting problems, and that’s why we came up with this piece of information.

Please read this blog to learn about dog hiccups and their remedy.

Do dogs get hiccups?

Can Dogs Get Hiccups?

Just like humans, it’s normal if your dog has hiccups. You don’t need to feel concerned in case your furry friend gets hiccups in the middle of nowhere. Puppy hiccups are more common when puppies are younger than six months. Puppies have high excitement levels and sometimes eat too quickly, which causes hiccups in these tiny power packets(puppies). As dogs get older, the chances of a dog getting hiccups decline. However, dogs sensitive to the environment and surroundings get hiccups now and then, even when they get older.

Why Do Dogs Get Hiccups?

Its general curiosity among puppy parents that,

“What causes hiccups in a dog??”

While your dog has hiccups, a piece of complete machinery runs inside its body. The process is somewhat similar to ours. The muscles of the diaphragm contract and create a hiccup. These are dome-shaped sheets of muscles that separate the dog’s chest and torso. These are controlled by a net of nerves and are responsible for normal breathing activities like inhalation and exhalation in canines. However, when unusually sudden air draws into the lungs, nerves trigger the diaphragm to create dog hiccups. There are several theories regarding the cause of hiccups. You can’t believe one. The reasons why dogs get hiccups;

  • Stress: Some studies say that even stress can cause hiccups in dogs.
  • Excitement: A significant belief for hiccups in puppies is their excitement. In the process of maturing, young dogs got curious quickly and stressed to while adapting to the surroundings. That is why puppy hiccups are natural.
  • Hiccups after eating: These are also common, as eating fast can lead to hiccups. The same can be possible while drinking water. Puppies breathe a large amount of air while drinking and swallowing food quickly.

How to Get Rid Of Dog Hiccups?

Now, if you know the main reason behind puppy hiccups.
The subsequent obvious inquiry is;
“How do I stop my dog’s hiccups?”

The standard solution for hiccups in every household is, holding your breath, getting scared, and eating spicy food. Well, these remedies don’t work for even humans and are impossible to even try with your dog. Nevertheless, they will create more misery for your dog instead of helping them. The Best remedies to get rid of dog hiccups; are:

Distracting your puppy: You can divert your dog’s mind by taking them for a walk. Some doctors even suggest giving something sweet like honey, maple syrup, or anything sweet in liquid form.

Making them feel Calm: Try to make your dog feel calm to slow down their breathing pattern, which will directly stop hiccups. You can lay them on their back and rub their tummy or massage their chest.

Food Portion check: It might be the case that your dog gets hiccups after eating due to eating too fast and inhaling air along with it. For this, try to give smaller portions of food to your pet. You can also try to train them to eat slowly.

Water: This remedy can be used in the case of humans too. However, great care is needed while giving your dog water. They need to drink it slowly to avoid further problems.

While your dog is getting hiccups, never give them something solid or anything that requires chewing to eat, as it can cause choking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if your dog has hiccups?
Dog hiccups are not different from human hiccups. If your dog inhales by the dramatic and abrupt stops that shake its upper body, it is having hiccups. It is very common for dogs to have hiccups, and normally, it is not an issue to worry about. While having hiccups, your dog may or may not make a “hic” sound; however, shaking in the chest and belly is enough to spot that the dog is having hiccups.
Do hiccups hurt dogs?

No hiccups don’t hurt dogs. Usually, dogs don’t show any sign of pain or stress while having hiccups. However, we cannot deny that, just like human hiccups, dog hiccups are irritating and create discomfort if the hiccups last for a long period of time.

What do puppy hiccups mean?
When the diaphragm of a puppy is irritated, then in involuntary spasms, the diaphragm of the puppy contracts and relaxes continuously. This sudden action of a puppy’s diaphragm is termed puppy hiccups. Puppies can have hiccups due to food intolerance or air swallowed during eating and drinking quickly.
How long do hiccups last in dogs?
A dog hiccup session doesn’t exceed more than a few minutes in ordinary cases. Even the hiccups can exceed 15 minutes to an hour; it’s acceptable. Suppose your dog doesn’t stop even after an hour, contact its veterinarian immediately.
What do dog hiccups sound like?
A spasm in the diaphragm muscles causes dog hiccups. This sudden spasm causes the glottis part of the larynx in the throat to close abruptly. This quick action creates a “hic” sound.
Why do dogs get hiccups when sleeping?

Don’t worry if your furry friend starts hiccupping in the night while sleeping. There must be two reasons for dog hiccups in sleep:

Gas: Your furry friend built-up gas in its tummy due to the feast you gave at dinner. Instead of farts or burps, gas may find a way as hiccups.
Deep sleep: Your puppy must be in a deep sleep; that is the REM cycle of sleep. In this relaxed state, your pup sometimes takes deep breaths, which can cause spasms in the throat that can lead to hiccups.


You must have got an idea that dogs do get hiccups, and it’s natural. If your dog ever got one, wait for a few minutes or follow the remedies mentioned above. As mentioned earlier, if the hiccups last more than an hour, take your furry ball to a nearby vet immediately.

It’s very unusual, but if your pup is getting hiccups along with cough and, in worse scenarios finding it hard to breathe, it could be a sign of a heart stroke, heart disease, or even respiratory problem. We don’t recommend you ignore these situations and advise you to consult your pet’s veterinarian.

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  1. Martheb Ranyan

    why does my puppy get hiccups every day

    • Blake Quinn

      Puppies are more likely to have hiccups than adult dogs. It is because they get excited easily. The other reason is their fast-eating and drinking habits which makes them swallow more air than normal, which in turn causes hiccups.

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