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Do Cats Help with Anxiety?

Updated on May 16, 2023 by Daulton Dougan
You may not be aware of it, but when you consciously rub a cat’s back from head to tail, your anxiety level reduces, and you will feel more relaxed and calm. Coming home and cuddling our beautiful feline friends after a challenging day can encourage the release of hormones that lessen anxiety levels. Our heart rate, blood pressure, and high-stress levels all return to normal with each cuddle we do with our cat.
Do Cats Help with Anxiety?

Can Cats Help You Cope With Anxiety?

Yes, cats can reduce stress, depression, and periods of Anxiety. They are the ideal champions for mental health because of their capacity to boost you up in your hard times. They provide companionship, heal with purrs and provide their services as emotional support animals. So the next time your cat rubs up against you, give her a warm hug and tell her that you appreciate all she does to keep your mental health in good shape.

How Do Cats Help With Anxiety?

Cats boost our spirits and make us happy when no one is by our side. How are they able to do this? Let’s find out!

Unconditional Love

Your fluffy cat loves you very much, and you adore kitty back, whether you know it or not. Cats provide unconditional love and help you overcome mild to moderate Anxiety. It’s a straightforward love you miss when you’re away, and you look forward to it every day when you return home.

Daily Routine Check

You will enjoy having a cat because it keeps you entertained when you need to take breaks from work or school. Taking care of your cat adds variety to your daily routine. Cats make every day unique.

Sense of Responsibility

Having a cat makes a person feel that they have a responsibility to care for their cat. Your sense of responsibility for something, such as your cat’s happiness or general well-being, will offer you a purpose in life, which is extremely helpful when those “existential-self” moments try to ruin your good mood.

Your Best Friend

You may try to isolate yourself from friends and family because Anxiety makes you feel alone. Your best buddy will always be there for you so that you’ll never be able to fall into a deep-dark sadness.


Cats encourage you to be more active. Playing with your cat will help eliminate any anxiety you may be experiencing or prevent big mood swings from too much inactivity.

Which Cat Breeds Help with Anxiety?

Many people with Anxiety have found adopting a cat as their pet because these small pooches provide them with unconditional love and care, which is missing in their life. Some cat breeds are better when helping their owners with Anxiety and stress. Let’s take a look at some of the best cat breeds to choose from:

American Wirehairs

American Wirehairs
American Wirehairs are well-known for their calm and even-tempered personalities, making them great companions for anxious people. These cats are known to be quiet, playful, and undemanding. American Wirehairs are like the ideal roommate who will always respect and adore you.



The second cat breed on the list is the Birman. Birman is among the quietest and most loyal cat breed, so they know how to relax and wind down. A Birman is a good choice if you live alone or want a pet you can call yours. These cats always like to be on their owner’s side, so they do not feel left out.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold



Persian cats are renowned for their attractive looks, big eyes and lovely face. They thrive on routine and enjoy nothing more than cuddling up on your lap. To lower Anxiety, creating a regular schedule is also beneficial. Thus, Persians are your best allies.


Himalayan cats like to enjoy relaxed and peaceful environments. They will encourage you when you meditate, relax with you when you do yoga, and snuggle with you when you are going through high levels of Anxiety. However, these cats have long hair, which needs regular grooming.

Benefits of Owning a Cat

Positive mental health can be enhanced by having an animal respond to, rely on, and love us simply and purely. Having a cat as an ESA might help you during times of Anxiety because we are spending time taking care of someone who provides us unconditional love and care.

You don’t need to get up during the day to take a cat for walks, and if you don’t have a garden, your indoor cat will be satisfied by sitting next to you while silently enjoying your company and engaging in cat antics that will fascinate you. Cats work best as emotional support animals. When accompanied by the appropriate therapeutic support, a cat can help you manage the symptoms of Anxiety in the case of mental health conditions.

According to research, our brains produce more ‘oxytocin‘ when we spend time with our cats. This “love hormone” helps people feel calmer, more relaxed, and confident, and they want to hug and cuddle with them.

Can My Cat Stay on a Rental Property

You can live with your cat on any rental property of your choice The Fair Housing Act prohibits housing authorities from allowing disabled person’s requests for reasonable accommodation. Because of this, housing authorities must grant requests from those who are mentally or emotionally disabled to keep an Emotional Support Cat on their rental property. According to FHA, the landlord cannot deny the ESA cat request even if they have a no-pet policy. Also, they are not permitted to discriminate based on the cat’s weight, size, and breed.

How to Make Your Cat an Emotional Support Animal?

Many people seek ‘ESA registration’ and search for websites allowing them to register their cat as an ESA cat. However, there is no such thing as ESA registration for cats. The government neither registers animals as ESA nor views the species listed in some databases on commercial websites as ESA. As a result, you should consider having an Emotional Support cat certification letter rather than an Emotional Support Cat registration. With the help of the ESA Certification, you can benefit from the Federal laws which the government provides for equal rights to the ESA owners. To certify your cat as an Emotional Support Animal, you need to have an ESA letter signed by a mental health professional which confirms that you’re taking the therapeutic benefits from your cat to lower the anxiety level.

Final thoughts:

To wrap up, I think you get the overall picture of how cats help you with your Anxiety. Your cat will fit nicely in with your family with a bit of instruction and lots of affection. And remember that getting a cat can make your anxious life a bit easier. They are much more than the cute rubber ball that always wants their owner to be happy and safe.

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