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Get your cat high-quality medical treatment at all times!

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What Is Cat Insurance?

Cat insurance is a type of pet insurance that covers your cat from accidents and days spent in illnesses. Since veterinary expenses are constantly rising, pet insurance for cats helps you safeguard your finances while ensuring your cat’s continued health. We’ve got you all covered whether you’re looking for accident coverage or lifelong cat insurance.

Why Would I Need Cat Insurance?

Many cat parents ask about the need for a cat Insurance plan. Here is a reason:

Ensures Your Financial Security

It financially protects protective pet parents like you when your cat is ill or dealing with any medical condition, such as dental treatments, insect-borne illnesses, and skin allergies.

Get Your Cat High-Quality Medical Treatment at All Times!

With the help of the pet insurance plan for cats, you can make the best decisions for your cat’s health and wellness without worrying about the significant medical costs associated with those decisions. Many companies also provide annual health checkups, ensuring that your cat’s health is always top-notch.

Extra Coverage Protection

Some insurance policies provide extra cat insurance coverage options to pet parents when their cat gets stolen, lost, or causes harm to a third party.

Covers Accidental Costs

Accidents can occur at any time, and in these situations, a pet insurance plan for your cat might be the best thing to think of!

Helps You in Maintaining Budget

Unfortunately, even animals experience serious ailments from time to time. These treatments can be costly. With a cat pet insurance plan, you can get the best care for your pet’s treatment.

What is Covered in a Cat Insurance Plan?

You may feel secure after knowing that we provide complete coverage for your cat from head to tail. Take a look on these type of cat insurance coverage options to choose the ideal health insurance policy for your furry family member;

Comprehensive coverage

Under this type of cat insurance coverage, a wide range of medical conditions are covered. Comprehensive coverage is suitable for those cat breeds that are prone to medical illness. This coverage option is a little bit expensive compared to other coverage options because it protects from accidents, injuries, chronic illness, diagnostic care, infections, hereditary problems, and emergency care.

Accident Based Coverage

When your cat gets injured, accident-based coverage might help you take care of them without worrying about your pocket. Torn ligaments, bite wounds, cuts, shattered bones and hazardous ingestions are a few of the accidents-related injuries covered under accident only coverage. This type of cat insurance coverage is suitable for emergencies.

Illness based coverage

You can receive reimbursement for big and small illnesses under this coverage, including cancer, arthritis, hypothyroidism, digestive issues, and urinary tract infections (UTIs). It can pay for everything from diagnosing your pet’s health issue to the therapies your cat requires to recover. Having this financial support might be a huge comfort when caring for a sick cat.

Which Factors Affect a Cat Insurance Premium?

Many factors affect the cost of the cat insurance plan. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth buying or that there aren’t any trustworthy options to get an inexpensive insurance plan for your cat. Here are certain factors that can influence the cost of the cat insurance plan. These factors are:


Remember that the older your pet is, the more you have to pay for their insurance, just like the life insurance policy works for humans. This is because seniors require more expensive healthcare and are more likely to experience health problems than younger pets.

Animal Type

Both dogs and cats have their medical problems, but typically cats experience fewer medical problems than dogs. Thus the cost of the cat pet insurance plan is less expensive then the dog insurance plans.


Some cat breeds are more prone to illnesses. You have to ensure that your cat is not one of those breeds as the rates of the cat insurance policies are high for these kinds of breeds compared to other species.

Coverage Type

Cat insurance options vary, just like life insurance policies do. Think of buying comprehensive coverage. Under this, a wide range of treatments are covered, and the cost would be high. Still, if you purchase a baseline insurance policy like accident-only coverage, only the treatments for accidents are covered, and the cost would be low. It is simple to understand, you will. Get what you pay for, so your payment will be higher if you want additional cat insurance coverage.


You may think that pet insurance for cats would cost the same, whatever the location is. But, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. More significant metropolitan places may charge slightly more than rural areas. The cost of cat insurance will likely be higher in a specific city or state if the overall cost of veterinary treatment is higher.

What Determines The Price of Getting The Cat Insurance Plan

Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing conditions are not covered Many pet insurance providers do not offer coverage for animals who are currently affected or have any past medical records of being ill or injured regularly. This phrase describes any medical problem that your pet had signs of or was diagnosed with before the commencement date of the insurance coverage is treated as a pre-existing medical condition. Fortunately, the Fast ESA Letter is here for you. We cover pre-existing medical conditions of your cat and provide best pet insurance policies for cats that would benefit you and your furry friend.

Waiting Periods

The waiting period is between the day you purchase the policy and when you can submit a claim. Usually, this takes 10 to 30 days. If your cat gets ill during the waiting period, then it would be considered a pre- existing medical condition.


The sum of money you must contribute to a claim is called excess. In most cases, a fixed amount will be deducted from claims for each condition. Depending on the situation, this might be removed once over a pet’s lifetime, once a year, or when you file a claim. After the predetermined sum has been deducted, many policies impose an additional percentage contribution toward the remaining claim balance. This may help you in keeping premiums more affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do waiting periods work?

Basically the waiting period is a gap between the day you purchase a policy to the submission of the claim. It may takes 10 to 30 days for the competition of the process.

If my pet was sick before I got insurance, are they covered?

Pet insurance plan usually don’t cover pre- existing conditions. This completely depends on the company whether they cover these conditions or not.

Is Cat Health Insurance Worth it?

Yes, securing your cat will the help of the cat insurance policy is the best thing which you can do. With the help of cat insurance you can protect your pocket while ensuring the best health of your cat.

Can I use my own veterinarian?

Yes, any licensed veterinarian facility in the US is accepted including specialty and emergency clinics.

How fast will I receive my reimbursement?

With online claims filing from any device, we provide claims as quickly as possible. The quickest method of reimbursement is direct deposit, which can result in reimbursements being sent as soon as your claim has been completed. After we’ve processed your claim and taken into account, you can anticipate receiving a paper check in 5-7 days if you haven’t opted for direct deposit.

Can I change my coverage later?

Yes you can change your coverage if you want to. Simply call your insurance provider and tell them about which coverage you want fir your cat. Policy changes usually happens immediately.

What if I am not sure about my cat's age?

In general, it is simpler to estimate a cat’s age by looking at their teeth. The age of your cat can no longer be accurately determined if they already have their adult teeth. Looking at the cat’s teeth is an easier way to determine their age and can be quite helpful for kittens younger than six months.

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