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Can you feed Apples to your dog? Facts and Myth

Last Updated: April 22th, 2022; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

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As we all know that dogs or other pets can not eat all human food. So, it’s challenging to find out that a dog can eat fruits like apples.

Apple is a healthy fruit for humans but is it beneficial for your dog too? Today, in this article, we are here to tell you some facts about dog’s eating habits of apples.

For every dog owner, it’s necessary to know whether apples are safe for your dog or not before providing them.

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

The answer to this question is Yes!

It’s well known that an apple contains various vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and fiber that provide our body with protein and can be a healthy treat for your dog too.

In dogs, the apple acts as an immune booster as an apple can help them reduce the chance of bone disease, improve your dog’s skin condition, and even prevent cancer development. They are rich in providing vitamin C, K, and A to your pup.

Why Should One Provide Apple To Their Dog?

Apple has both benefits and side effects, and it can be dangerous to your dog while provided in high quantities.
If you feed your dog in moderation, the vitamins and minerals in apples can benefit your pet. Here are two main reasons to give your dog apples:

1 Dietary Fiber: Apple contains fibers that help us in keeping regular and to your furry friend. The fiber in apples can contribute to a dog’s overall gastrointestinal health that keeps your dog’s digestive system constant.

2 Vitamin C: Apples do contain vitamin C that helps in degenerative conditions, like joint disease. It can boost the immune system of your dog and prevent them from getting sick.

3 Alleviates Allergies: Sometimes, your dog might face skin diseases like itching and scratching, but an apple can help your dog from all such circumstances.

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The Myth About Poisonous Apple Seeds

Apple seeds contain toxic amygdalin cyanide acid that can cause harm to your pet. However, apples contain a small amount of cyanide that only may risk the life of your dog if consumed in high quantities.
The amygdalin present in apples, when crushed or chewed, transforms into hydrogen cyanide that in high amounts may cause the death of your dog. So, if your dog eats 2 to 3 seeds, that is not a point of concern for you.

  1. Not only for dogs, but cyanide is also dangerous for people.
  2. On average, it takes at least 0.2 mg of cyanide for every pound of body weight to cause acute poisoning. That means 10g for a 50-pound dog.
  3. A complete one gram of crushed apple seeds can deliver up to 0.24 mg of cyanide.
  4. A 1 gram of apple contains approximately 20 seeds.
  5. If you are feeding apples to your dog in a moderate amount, then it’s totally fine. Always remember to remove the seeds before sharing an apple with your dog.

Well, there are certain things you need to take care of while providing for your dog.

  • Apple provided to your dog should be well-washed and properly cored.
  • Remove seeds and stem from the apple.
  • Your apple should be peeled or maybe not, depending upon your dog if the dog has a sensitive system.
  • Always cut it into slices or chunks.

Also, keep in mind that apples contain sugar, which could be harmful to dogs who suffer from diabetes.

Type of apple you need to choose for your dog

It would be best to take precautions while choosing the apples for your dog.

1 Organic Apple:
Most of the apples are provided with pesticide sprays and chemicals that can be harmful to your pet. So, choose an organic apple for your dog as a healthy snack without the risk of adverse effects. So, you need to get an apple that can feed the skin to get all the nutritional benefits of apples.

2 Limit The Sugar:
If you are trying to maintain a balanced diet for your dog, adding some fruits is quite beneficial as it has many health benefits. You also need to take care that you do not overdose your dog with extra sugar, as it can cause diabetes. Apples also contain sugar, but green apples are lower in sugar than other popular apples. So, you must provide them in a limited quantity.


Before adding any new food or snack to your pet dog, you must consult your veterinarian and make sure it’s safe for your dog or not. Some canines are more sensitive with some food items, and that may cause side effects to your dog. You can experiment on your own by providing a small slice of fruit to your dog, whether it suits them or not. With this blog, we hope that you may have acknowledged yourself about your dog’s health and whether the apple is suitable for them or not.


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  1. Ludwigzie lonka

    How much apple can I give my dog?

    • La keisha Lamaster

      No matter how healthy apples are, you cannot feed too many apples to your dog due to the high sugar quantity. One or max two apples that are too sliced without seeds are okay to give to a dog to eat.


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