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Can Dogs Eat Pineapple? Health benefits and risks included

Publish Date: July 12th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.
can a dog eat pineapple?
In case your dog can eat tropical fruits doesn’t mean that they can eat every fruit. There can be some fruits with possible side effects too.

Some fruits are good as well as bad for your dogs. Before feeding any of the fruits, you must know the pros and cons of fruits.

If you are among those who want to know whether your dog can eat pineapple or not, then you are at the right place. In today’s article, we are here to tell you the facts, benefits, and side effects of pineapple.

Can your emotional support dog eat pineapples?

Yes, you can feed your dog pineapples periodically, and they are considered a safe fruit for your dog. Providing your dog with raw pineapple can be rich in minerals for your dog. But, you must avoid feeding pineapples in large quantities as it is naturally high in sugar especially, canned pineapples. You should provide pineapples in moderation, not daily.

While adding a new fruit to your dog’s schedule, you must check by providing a small slice and notice. If you see any changes, then you must avoid giving that fruit again.

Health benefits associated with Pineapple fruit for your ESA

Helps with digestion:

The Diet of dogs depends on the proteins they consume. Providing pineapples to dogs is beneficial as it contains the proteins bromelain that facilitates the decomposition of protein and thus its absorption. It also helps maintain digestion and allows them to absorb the required nutrients from food. Pineapples are good for improving overall health in dogs.

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Contains necessary nutrients:

Pineapple has rich minerals, vitamins, fructose, and necessary dietary fiber that increase the immunity of dogs. Vitamins or thiamin such as B1 and B6 are present in pineapples that produce energy. Along with that, it also contains folate and pantothenic acid. Since dogs can make vitamin C on their own, the quantity produced is not enough. Therefore, a small amount of pineapple can fulfill most of their necessary nutritional requirements.

Cure for Coprophagy:

Coprophagy is a medical condition when dogs eat their excrements. A possible reason for that can be a weak digestive system. While your dog eats the provided food, all the nutrients are not completely absorbed from the food and are excreted, and hence, dogs eat them to fulfill their body’s nutritional requirements. Pineapples can help in improving digestion in dogs and can result in better excretions. Sometimes, if your dog gets ill, vets suggest raw pineapple or pineapple juice for your dog.

Prevention of cancer:

Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain that helps in fighting cancer. These enzymes lessen the swelling in the joints efficiently, and the effect of these enzymes can shrink the tumors. Not only that, but the pineapple can alleviate pain caused by the result of chemotherapy.

Reduces inflammation

It’s evident that if a dog’s body gets hurt, it begins to swell, and in some cases, it may become damaged, causing diseases like arthritis. Pineapples have an anti-inflammatory influence that can treat prolonged inflammation, including medication, weight control, exercise, and dietary control. So, pineapple is also helpful in healing the minor cuts internally.

Risk factors associated with pineapple to your ESA

Feeding an excess amount of pineapples to your dog can be harmful as it contains a high sugar content. It can lead to obesity or high sugar levels in the blood if consumed in a large quantity. Pineapples can trigger diabetes in dogs.

You must consult a vet if your dog eats pineapples in large quantities or before giving them pineapples. Stomach upsets, indigestible and intestinal blockages are certain factors that can cause your dog if they eat fruits accidentally. Also, make sure to remove the peel before feeding the fruits to your dog.


Pineapple as fruit is quite versatile and has different health benefits. Providing pineapples in moderation can be good as it can provide your dog with the necessary nutrients. It’s not only about pineapples, but any treats in small quantities are beneficial, but if you are providing your dog with large amounts of treats then, it can cause adverse effects.

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