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Can Dogs eat Chicken? Know about the complete source of protein for dogs!

Publish Date: July 17th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.
Can dogs eat Chicken?
Adding chicken to your dog’s meal can help them in getting all the necessary proteins from their food. Chicken is an essential component of protein and is a complete and balanced diet for your dog. It can keep your dog happy and healthy. Without getting enough protein, dogs can have many health concerns.

Well, almost every dog food contains chicken as an ingredient and is 100% safe for your dog. Some dogs can be allergic to chicken, but for others, it is a great meal.

Being a dog owner, you might have different queries related to the chicken as a meal for your dog, but in this article, we have described everything you must know before adding chicken to your pup schedule.

Can dogs eat chicken?

Yes, it’s a most common question that most pet owners ask, the reason being they are not sure if it’s beneficial for their pet or not. Dogs are omnivores and can eat chicken. Dogs cannot produce Vitamin D on their own, but they can obtain it from animal flesh. Chicken is low in fat and rich in proteins, easy to prepare, and is a lovable meal for your pet.

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Health benefits of chicken for your dogs:

Help in Building Muscles: Chicken is beneficial for dogs as it helps in building the muscles in dogs. It is lean meat that contains more protein percentage as less fat. It helps in the development of dog muscles during their mature stage.
Keeps bones healthy: Chicken also contains minerals such as phosphorus and calcium, these minerals are helpful for your dog’s bones.
Boosts Immunity: Chicken is full of essential vitamins and minerals that help in boosting the immunity in dogs. With the boost in the immune system, it helps in reducing the risk of diseases.
Provides proteins to dogs: Chicken is an excellent source of proteins as it contains high-quality natural proteins. Other than this, it contains amino acids that improve overall health.

Things that you should keep in mind before feeding chicken to your dogs:

1 The first thing, always make sure that your loving pet is not allergic to any specified type of chicken. If so, immediately stop feeding them that type of chicken. If, by mistake, your dog eats an allergic chicken, take him to a vet and give them proper medicine to counterfeit the reaction of the food. Your dog might be allergic to some chicken as it might contain an allergy including ingredients. So you must provide a chicken that is not raw and not overcooked and baked with many ingredients.

2 While cooking a chicken, makes sure to remove the bones off as it can choke the throat of your dog or can also cause gastrointestinal tract puncture.

Type of chicken you should provide to your dog:

Many people have queries such as whether they can feed their dog with raw or cooked chicken. Whether they can provide chicken and rice for dogs or not?

Well, you might be using grilling, searing, sauteing, or roasting chicken in your own meals, but the same preparation does not apply to your dogs’ meals. Neither you can offer your dog eating the raw chicken as it has a risk of infectious diseases such as salmonella or bacterial. You can mix the chicken with a healthy grain, and a vegetable such as string beans or other vegetables safe for dogs, for a special homemade dinner. Make sure that the chicken meal offered to dogs should include flesh, skin, and bone that are properly cleaned, dried, cooked, and grounded.

While preparing a chicken meal for your dog, you should not take long to boil the chicken. You can heat the chicken for about 12 minutes and then tear the chicken into bite-sized pieces. Boiling for a longer period can take away all the necessary nutrients from the chicken.

While serving the food to your dog, you must note that how much chicken and rice for the dog are suitable? The diet provided should not be over the quantity of 1/2 – 2 cups of rice to 1 cup of chicken.


Dogs do need protein but in a balanced form, not in higher quantity. Providing your dog with a high protein diet can make a serious medical condition. Dogs with kidney, liver disorders, or hyperactivity issues should never be provided with a higher protein diet as this will cause additional stress to their organs. Sometimes, it can cause indigestion problems in your dogs, so make sure to provide chicken in a limited amount depending upon the type of breed you have.

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