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Can A Snake Be An Emotional Support Animal?

Posted on April 22, 2023 by Daulton Dougan
When discussing which kind of animal can become an emotional support animal, the first animal that strikes our mind is a dog. What if I tell you snakes can also be great as emotional support animals? Yes, you heard it right; snakes are excellent companions for those dealing with mental health disabilities and are fascinating creatures. They have a muscular noodle-like appearance, sometimes exhibit beautiful patterns, and move smoothly across any surface they come across.

Let us find out why snakes are among the best emotional support animals and how to qualify for an emotional support animal (snakes) in detail.

can a snake be an emotional support animal

What is an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?

An emotional support animal, also called an ESA, is an animal that offers comfort to people who experience mental illnesses. Any animal can be treated as an emotional support animal, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, lizards, snakes, miniature horses, etc.
People who already own a pet as an ESA can directly apply for an ESA letter, but if not, you can select any breed as an emotional support animal. However, to be eligible for an ESA letter, there is no specific training required for an emotional support animal.

Which Animals Qualify To Become An Emotional Support Animal?

As stated above, almost any animal can be an emotional support animal. Some of the most well-liked animals that qualify for an ESA are listed below:

Why Are Snakes Good As Emotional Support Animals?

Here are some benefits of having an emotional support snake that will explain why snakes are wonderful ESAs.

Less Tendency to Spread Allergic Issues

Snakes are hypoallergenic in nature. This means they are less prone to cause allergic reactions in people, especially compared to other animals. This is important since some people with allergies cannot get close to a dog or cat. Also, some people are unable to own most animals because of allergies to certain types of fur or another component. That is why a snake could be the ideal substitute.

Easy To Maintain

If you’re unaware, then let me tell you that snakes are easy to care for as they don’t require much maintenance. Once you understand what a snake needs to survive, you will realize how autonomous it can be. Snakes don’t mind if you check in on them every few hours while they enjoy their alone time, unlike some creatures who need much of your attention. Snakes can be an ideal option for patients searching for an ESA who can maintain their independence while providing companionship when necessary.

Requires Less Living Area

ESA snakes require less area to live in than other creatures, such as dogs or cats, who like to roam freely or play with toys in a home. Snakes spend most of their time in their custom tanks. These tanks don’t need to be very big as they can typically fit in the same space as required by an aquarium. However, the size of the tank depends on the
size of your emotional support snake.


Because snakes do not have fur, they are substantially less smelly than other pets. So, having a snake won’t cause significant problems for people who are sensitive to smells.

How To Get An Emotional Support Snake?

To get an emotional support snake for your mental or emotional health condition, it’s essential to first consult with your prior licensed mental health professional. The LMHP will evaluate your mental health condition and check whether an emotional support animal would benefit your mental health. They will discuss your mental health condition with you, so it’s essential always to speak the truth so they can quickly determine it. If they find your condition genuine and will be improved with the assistance of an emotional support snake, they will write an ESA letter for you.

However, if you don’t want to get into the traditional method of getting an ESA letter, you can also apply for a letter online. This method is easy, convenient, and less time-consuming. To apply for an ESA letter online, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Complete an Online Application Form
    To start the process of getting an ESA letter for your snake, the first step is to fill out an online form that asks about your mental health details along with your details. Fill out the form carefully and then submit it by clicking on the submit button.
  2. Get Evaluated by the LMHP
    After submitting the form, the LMHP will evaluate your application based on the details you mentioned. If the LMHP finds your condition valid, they will write an ESA letter for you.
  3. Get Your ESA Letter
    Your ESA letter will be delivered to you via email after getting approval from the LMHP. You can download your ESA letter from there, and with the letter in hand, you can benefit from the ESA laws and rights.

Final thoughts:-

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on whether snakes can be an emotional support animal. There is a lot to know about this procedure, and we hope that we were able to provide some clarification. So if you’re ready to have an emotional support snake, get your ESA letter today!


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Looking To Apply For An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

1. Fill up and Submit ESA Evaluation Form Online.

2. Get Evaluated by a Licensed Professional.

3. Get Approved, and Receive Your ESA Letter Instantly via E-mail.

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