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Best Pet Insurance In California – Top 5 Providers

Published on: 06/23/2022

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Blake Quinn
Written By Blake Quinn

June 1, 2022

Indeed having a pet in our house reduces stress, worries, and unbearable anxieties. All in all, a pet eventually betters our and our family’s mental as well as physical health.

We also cannot rule out the chance that while improving our lives, even our dog can acquire some illness or get in some accident in its life span. In situations like these, paying vet bills can burn a hole in your pocket. Likewise, managing such a massive cash amount in such a short time can be unattainable for most of us.

However, to avoid such panic situations, you must be prepared in advance. Some of you might know that just like human insurance, some companies provide pet insurance services in California.

It would be best if you choose good pet insurance at once that can cover the lifetime medical expenses of your pet. For that reason, it is essential to invest in the best pet insurance plan just at the beginning. By doing that, you can leave all the worries about any mishap with your dog, as you will be prepared before time.

For you, we have mentioned complete information about California’s best pet insurance companies. Read and compare them to find the one that suits you best.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance is an insurance scheme that can help you pay for your pet’s veterinary bills. It is somewhat the same as human health insurance, which also covers medical expenses.

Mostly the pet insurance companies don’t cover total expenses but a major part of it. The coverage can vary from 90%, 80%, 70%, 60% etc. It depends on the plan you choose.

Further, the insurance can be;

Reimbursement-based means you might have to initially pay the veterinary bill on your own and then claim the insurance from the insurance service company.

The responsibility of the Insurance service company is to pay directly to the vet clinic.

In either of the above cases, you must pay a certain amount as a deductible before the pet insurance coverage begins. After you pay the deductible, the insurance company can provide you the coverage or directly pay the vet clinic depending on your chosen plan, like, 90%, 80%, etc.

What are the coverages of Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance companies usually have the following plans:

  • Major Medical: Cover all medical charges except for Routine care.
  • Wellness: Cover routine care like annual vet visits, vaccination charges, spay or neuter surgeries, etc.
  • Accidental only: Vet bills related to accidents only.

Most insurance companies provide all three and ask you to choose one or a mixture of these plans. For example, you can opt for the accidental plan along with wellness that covers routine vet visits for your pet.

What doesn’t a Pet Insurance cover?

Basically, insurance companies don’t provide coverage in the following;

  • Pre-existing medical condition
  • Other than vet bills
  • Food and vitamin purchase
  • Breeding costs
  • Grooming charges
  • Procedures like ear cropping, tail docking, nail trimming, etc.

Other than this, most insurance companies exclude pet examination fees, even during an accidental situation.

What are the top companies that provide Pet Insurance In California?

These are the Fast ESA Letter top picks that rank top in every single criterion set by our specialists;

  1. Spot
  2. Lemonade
  3. Fetch
  4. Figo
  5. ASPCA

Money Back Guarantee

If not qualified, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. No Appointments Required.


SPOT hits the first Spot on our list due to perks like 90% reimbursement coverage, flexible plan structures, and various deduction ranges for you to choose from. It is effortless to use from the moment of applying for any of Spot’s plans and the time for insurance claims.
To claim insurance coverage, you just need to visit their site and submit the vet bills, along with your pet’s medical records. Remember while filing for coverage that the illness is not pre-existing as SPOT’s health insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, just like all other health insurance companies.

  • Considerable Multi-Pet discount
  • Availability of unlimited annual coverage plans
  • Alternative therapies coverage such as hydrotherapy and acupuncture
  • Coverage even for microchip implantation
  • Guaranteed 30-days money back
  • Coverage for older pets, as no upper age limit
  • Deductible plans to start from just $100
  • No customer service on weekends
  • Don’t cover prescription pet food
  • Required to choose preventive care separately.

Click here to get your pet insurance quote from Spot.


Lemonade artificial intelligence takes customer experience to new levels with its super-fast Insurance plan quoting and easy-to-use online process. Lemonade’s super affordable plans make it most desirable for the customers.

You can customize plans as per your need and pay for the only coverage you need for your pet. The drawback is that it offers plans only for cats and dogs, but high reimbursement coverage, customization, and easy-to-use features outweigh everything.

  • Wellness plan availability
  • Affordable plans
  • The waiting period for accident coverage is just two days
  • Fastest claims, unlike other companies, take minutes for finalization
  • Offers multiple discounts
  • Pays a portion of profits to the charitable organizations
  • Unavailability of 24*7 telehealth
  • It doesn’t cover behavioral or alternative therapy
  • Long 6-month waiting time for cruciate ligaments coverage
  • It doesn’t cover microchipping or prescription food

Click here to get your pet insurance quote from Lemonade.


Fetch has the most considerable advantage among all the insurance companies for covering even young pets at six weeks of age. Therefore, you can have pet health insurance for even your young pup.

Other than this, Figo offers a wide range of deductible plans to choose from, and its plan covers emergencies or even special pet visits. Despite all the above perks, it holds a disadvantage for not offering wellness care plans.

  • Insurance coverage starts from just six weeks
  • No need to pay any signing fee
  • Covers virtual vet visits
  • No illness claims limit
  • A single plan covers illnesses, medicine, accident, and even behavioral treatment
  • No discount on choosing multi-pet insurance
  • Plan coverage till the limited age of the pet
  • Long six-month waiting time for knee injuries and hip dysplasia coverage
  • It is necessary to take the pet to the vet within 48 hours of it showing symptoms; otherwise, the pet parent cannot claim the charges.

Click here to get your pet insurance quote from Fetch.


FIGO stands on our list due to the Biggest advantage over any other pet health insurance company in California. It offers 100% reimbursement, which is next to wow. It also provides Wellness Basic and a Wellness Plus Plan for pets. FIGO even has a special Extra Care Pack that pays a portion of pet burial costs at the time of death and advertisement costs if the pet gets lost.

With the advantage of so many packages to choose from, it has limitations over the coverage limitations on hereditary conditions. The insurance won’t cover the genetic diseases if you enroll two years or older pets.

  • 70 to 100% reimbursement
  • Range of deductible options
  • 24/7 free vet helpline
  • Just three day waiting period for injuries and 14 days for medical illnesses
  • No preventive age coverage
  • No hereditary condition coverage for two years or older pets
  • Long 6-month waiting time for orthopedic and knee injuries
  • Cat insurance is a little more costly than dog insurance.

Click here to get your pet insurance quote from Figo.


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ASPCA, is well-known for stopping cruelty against animals in the country. However, it also provides pet insurance services in California with its partners Forster and Crum. ASPCA is almost identical to Spot in terms of its plans but has completely different deductible options and annual limits.

Unlike other Insurance providers, ASPCA also covers the costs of illness, which re-emerge after 180 days of being symptom-free.

  • Microchipping expense coverage
  • 24*7 pet telehealth line
  • Availability of Optional wellness plan
  • Discount on multi-pet insurance
  • It also covers the vet visiting fees for accidents and even illness
  • Instant claim and no waiting period for cruciate ligament issues or other special conditions
  • The accident coverage waiting period is two weeks which is a lot more than other competitors, which take 2 to 3 days.
  • Absence of variety in deductible options
  • No Annual coverage plan above $10,000
  • The website is not user-friendly
  • Some claims can take up to a month to finalize.

Click here to get your pet insurance quote from ASPCA.

General Overview and Fast ESA Letter Rating

CompaniesMulti-Pet DiscountReimbursement choicesDeductible choicesAnnual LimitsMaximum Enroll AgeWaiting Period for AccidentsWaiting Period for IllnessFast ESA Letter Rating
Spot10%70%, 80%, 90%$100, $250, $500, $750, $1,000$2,500 – $20,000, UnlimitedNo age limit14 days14 days★★★★★
Lemonade5%70%, 80%, 90%$100, $250, $500$5k-$100k14 years old2 days14 days★★★★★
FetchNone70%, 80%, 90%$250, $300,$500$5k, $15k, Unlimited13 years old15 days15 days★★★★
Figo5%70%, 80%, 90%, 100%Varies by pet age$5k to unlimitedNo age limit1 day14 days★★★★
ASPCA10%70%, 80%, 90%$100, $250, $500$3k-$7kNo age limit14 days14 days★★★

Is choosing pet insurance worth it?

It is Obvious to have confusion. Is pet insurance really worth it? Well, if you ask us, it is. The benefits of pet insurance are endless. A little investment can prepare you for the future.

Having pet insurance is the best option for you;

  • If you don’t have enough expenses for unexpected vet bills.
  • If you have enough money to afford premiums
  • If your pet is healthy and young
  • If you think your pet will benefit from the overall coverage

Taking pet insurance for older pets is not recommended as most insurance companies don’t offer many privileges to older pets. Also, if your pet has a recurring medical condition, the insurance plan won’t cover that too.

How to Choose the Right Pet Insurance Company?

Picking up the Insurance company that suits you best can be tricky. You need to check various factors, compare plans of different companies and decide what would fit best for your pet.
Follow these steps to find out which policy would work best for you;

Determine what policy would be suitable: We have described different coverage options earlier in this article, which were;

  • Major medical
  • Wellness
  • Accidental only

You can choose one or a combination of these options. Additionally, companies offer a different pet policy for pets other than dogs and cats. This policy is termed Exotic pet insurance for pets like; Rabbits, Snakes, hamsters, etc.

Check what the pet insurance policies cover

Look at what treatments, medical conditions, and diagnostic conditions are covered under the insurance policies. Also, check for plan limits, upper or lower age restrictions, and exclusions. Most insurance companies don’t cover congenital or hereditary conditions. Therefore, if your pet suffers from one, make sure to check if the insurance plan covers it or not.

Pick an appropriate deductible plan:

Basically, the deductible is the cost you need to pay before the insurance company starts its coverage. In general, insurance companies offer two types of deductibles;

  • Pre-condition Deductible: Under this deductible, the limit will depend on the type of condition. For example, there will be a different deductible limit for cancer and a separate limit for liver disease.
  • Annual deductible: Under this deductible, yearly, you need to pay a specific deductible cost for all types of pet medical expenses. Once you meet the deductible cost, the insurance company will pay the left vet expenses.

If your dog has just one major illness, investing in Pre-condition Deductibles is a pocket-friendly option. However, if your dog requires more than usual vet visits due to some injury or disease, choosing an annual deductible is a wise approach.

Best reimbursement rate:

The reimbursement rate is the percentage of the total vet bills the insurance company will pay. The more, the merrier, but make sure the high Reimbursement plans are affordable too. Most of the Reimbursement rates vary from 60% to even 100%.

Check out the available limits:

Limit means the amount the insurance company pays for the vet bills. Most companies don’t put such restrictions. However, some companies put a maximum annual limit. It means you can claim a particular cost of pet medical bills in a year. For further cost claims, you need to wait for next year.

Check if the insurance company offers the plan customization option

Better Pet insurance companies give the freedom to their customers to customize their insurance plans as per their needs. Therefore, you can pick the reimbursement rate and the deductible and make a premium that will be easy for you to pay. You can easily lower your premium by increasing your deductible or reducing the reimbursement rate. If your pet insurance gives you this liberty, you can adjust your expenses easily.

Look for discounts.

Some insurance companies provide special discounts and offers to attract more customers. You can check out these offers while choosing an insurance company. Discounts can be;

  • Military discounts
  • Multi-pet discounts
  • Employee benefit discounts
  • Annual pay discounts, etc

These discounts can drop your overall cost.

Most of the companies mentioned in this blog offer 24*7 customer care services. You can directly call their number and ask for the details to compare and select your preferred insurance plan.

How Much Is Pet Insurance in California?

Pet insurance price varies as per several factors. Pricing varies from animal to animal, but the elemental cost for illness and accident plans is $10–$30 for cats and $20–$60 for dogs.

Some of the cost varying factors are;

  • Age of pet: Mostly, the premium cost is much higher for older pets due to more chances of them getting sick. For that very reason, it is best to get Insurance for your pet in its young years.
  • Breed of Pet: Susceptibility of certain diseases varies from breed to breed. That’s why a premium can be more costly for an animal of a specific breed and, simultaneously, cheaper for an animal of a different breed.
  • Your Location: In California, your premium costs can differ based on your city and county. For example, vet charges in LA are costlier than in Bakersfield.
  • Discounts: It is obvious that picking insurance companies offering special discounts will cut your plan costs. For example, most companies offer a 10% discount on multi-pet Insurance. Therefore, taking Insurance for all your pets at once can save you a lot.
  • Customization: Companies that let customers customize their plans give customers the liberty to cut extra costs. For example, you can reduce monthly expenses by choosing higher annual deductibles and lower coverage caps.

Money Back Guarantee

If not qualified, we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. No Appointments Required.

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