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7 Best Small Pets for Coping With Depression.

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Animals offer unconditional love and emotional support to their owners, which helps in reducing the symptoms of depression. But these animals require high-maintenance and could demand more time and effort from you than you can spare. You might then think, Which pets are the best for depression? There are many small pets that require low-maintenance and can help you cope with depression and loneliness. Let us talk about these cute small pets in detail.
7 Best Small Pets for Coping With Depression.

7 Best Small Pets For Coping With Depression

1. Turtle

When looking for excellent small pets to cope up with depression, turtles are one of the top choices. They turn out to be excellent pets if you deal with high depression and loneliness. Creatures like box turtles might assist you better in managing your emotions. Because they are small, calm, and relatively simple to maintain, turtles are excellent pets for tiny homes.

2. Hamsters

Hamsters are cute, fluffy, and fun-loving pets. If you want to add an attractive little family member that does not require much space, hamsters can be an option. Hamsters are quite affectionate. Hamsters are a great option for dealing with depression, but it’s hard to build a relationship with them since they like to stay independent. But once you do, they will benefit you in maintaining the stress levels, building self-esteem and mitigating the symptoms of depression. Also, hamsters don’t require daily walks as dogs do. They are not demanding and their maintenance cost is less. You can get the love and companionship you need from a hamster without spending much time with them.

3. Rabbit


If you’re looking for a fluffy and cuddly pet, consider getting a rabbit. Many rabbits enjoy being petted while sitting on their owner’s lap, while others are more playful, and when they’re pleased, they become happier. Rabbits are one of the great small pets on our list. They can be taught to respond to their name and even be taught tricks. Rabbits are wonderful pets because of their social nature.

Your pet rabbit will become quite affectionate after you and your pet develop a bond and won’t be able to resist cuddling up on your lap. This connection is just what you need when you’re suffering from depression.

4. Cats


According to scientific research, cats are the best companions for humans. They are affectionate and caring. A cat is well known for reducing anxiety, stress, and depression quickly. Anyone who has ever owned a cat as a pet must be aware of the positive impact of cats on their mood. Cats are independent and do not need regular walking or exercise.

Cats are great emotional support animals, making them the best choice among owners. Cats have different ways to make their owners feel good when depressed. Some cats even rub themselves against their owners and cuddle until they feel better.

5. Gerbils

Gerbils make adorable ESA’s and have good hygiene, and no-stink worries, which make them popular among people. If you’re having a bad day and can’t interact with them yourself, don’t worry, they can entertain themselves by doing activities. Gerbils require comparatively less maintenance and do not require frequent grooming. They’re also reasonably priced. Furthermore, gerbils are comfortable when left alone for an extended period of time until they have enough food and water to consume. Also, gerbils are very friendly and like to interact with people and other pets.

6. Lizard


Lizards are excellent therapy pets for depression because they need low-maintenance. In addition to being ideal emotional support animals to help people with depression, lizards are fantastic family pets for kids because of their calm nature.

Lizards will like to sit by your side when you’re depressed and will give you all the necessary emotional support you want. Not just the physical act of touching someone can assist you in reducing the symptoms of depression, but external motivation is also essential in coping with depression.

7. Rats


Rats are clean and hygienic animals. They are loving and make active pets who enjoy interacting with people. They require space to climb rather than dig. Hence, their cages can be enormous (and a little expensive).

A rat is willing to cuddle with you because of its small size and friendly personality. You can spend time with them if you are having a bad day. These animals are the ideal choice for people suffering from depression because of their low maintenance.


In most cases, depression comes from loneliness, which requires attention. It can be troublesome for those having issues with managing costs because not everyone can afford to have dogs by their side. However, having a small pet for the same can work as an alternative and help you get the treatment you need. These small animals are quickly taken care of whether you’re looking for yourself, your child, or your loved ones.
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