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37 Fun and Fascinating Cat Facts.

Updated on May 10, 2023 by Vincent Maldonado
We, humans, feel so proud to be the most intelligent animal on earth. That might be true. But, little less do you know that there are magnificent species out there that have mind-blowing specialties that we are unaware of. Take your kitty, for Instance. Yes, your lazy and too arrogant, kitty. It is a lot more than just a creature that likes fish and milk. If you have ever underestimated your kitty cat, this blog is just for you. Go through this blog to learn fun facts about cats you will be reading for the first time.
37 Fun and Fascinating Cat Facts

Interesting Facts About Cats

  1. Just Like Your Fingerprints, cats have unique nose prints.
  2. There is the world’s wealthiest cat named Blackie, who had a wealth of $12.5 million U.S. dollars. Your bank account might feel sorry for you after listening to this.
  3. Yes, you cannot, but your cat can drink seawater. Thanks to their kidneys, they have more surviving chances if you are ever stuck in the ocean with them.
  4. It is a pretty jaw-dropping unique cats fact that a cat’s one year of life equals a human’s 15 years. So yes, they age fast.
  5. Indeed, Cats lick themselves to stay clean all the time. They really cannot help it. Their licking habit consumes about 1/3rd of their lives.
  6. Usually deemed as milk lovers, some cats can be lactose tolerant too.
  7. That won’t be surprising, but a cat can sleep 12 to 16 hours daily. They spend almost 70% of their life sleeping. They don’t have much to do, so being a sleeping princess “Aura” is fine.
  8. If you see a cat fight, the one who hisses is the weaker one. So, place your bets right!
  9. Like your Geeky friend, your cat might need glasses to see you from far. Glasses might be too much, but they indeed have a near-sighted vision.
  10. Regarding cats’ eyesight, you might not know that their night and peripheral vision are much more developed than humans.
  11. The world’s oldest cat is named “Boxing Cats.” You got us right; two cats are actually boxing in that video.
  12. The average lifespan of Felines is 12 to 18 years maximum. Leaving every other cat behind on this planet, Miss. Crème Puff made the world record for the longest living cat. Just three days after her 38th birthday, Miss Crème Puff, spending wholesome years with her human mum Jake Perry, died in 2005.
  13. Humans have been petting cats for a very long time. A French archeologist collects the oldest evidence of cat petting in Cyprus. In 2004, he found a cat’s grave approximately 95,00 years old.
  14. Cats can seem a little lazy, but Do you know cats can jump almost five times more than their height?
  15. Just like you, cats also have a dominant paw. Seems usual, right? Here the unique fact is mostly female cats have the dominant right paw, while males have the left one.
  16. Cats cannot taste anything sweet.
  17. Even being petite, cats have more bones than humans. Where humans got 206, cats have 230 bones.
  18. That might seem weird. Cats rub their rear end toward their owner’s body to show they feel safe and secure around them.
  19. It is believed that the “Egyptian MAU” is one of the oldest domesticated cat breeds.
  20. North Americans consider black cats as a sign of bad luck. However, people in the U.K. and Australia think black cats are a sign of excellent luck.
  21. Your Kitty’s Jaw can move sideways too.
  22. Cats can get high too. We are not talking about weed, but Catnip can put your cat into trance mode.
  23. A Cat can or cannot be sensitive to Catnip. It depends on their genes.
  24. U.S. 16th President Abraham Lincoln was a kitty Person and owned numerous cats during his time in the White House.
  25. Don’t feel sad if you think your cat always ignores you. It is probably because, as per the studies, cats cannot recognize voices.
  26. Humans take time to land to maturity, but cats mature at 5 to 7 months. Some female kitties might get pregnant at the age of 3 months. It might sound crazy, but it’s best to choose to neuter or spay your cat from a vet before it matures.
  27. Ancient Egyptians used to shave their eyebrows to mourn their cat’s death.
  28. Blue-eyed white-colored cats are more likely to have deafness.
  29. In the United States, around 86% of cats are neutered or spayed.
  30. Your Feline can move both ears separately and that to 180 degrees around.
  31. In comparison to dogs, cats have around 10 times more vocalizations. Dog’s have 10, while kitties have 100.
  32. Around the 1750s, Europeans brought cats into the United States for pest control.
  33. You cannot spot a cat meowing with another cat because cats “meow” just with humans. It is the kind of language they used to communicate with humans.
  34. Cats predetermine the space with their whiskers to know if they can fit in that space or not. The smaller the cat, the smaller its whiskers will be; vice-versa is also true.
  35. You might haven’t noticed this, but the cats have whiskers on the back of their front legs too.
  36. If your cat attacks you with Retracted claws, it plays with you. Please, don’t perceive it as an attack. Your cat just wants to have some fun at that time.
  37. Cats drape their tail over another cat or even a dog to signify friendship.

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End note

So this was all about cats. We are sure you didn’t know most of them before reading these. We tried to cite all the interesting information about cats in this piece. Feel free to share your views regarding this blog in the comment. If you know any other facts about cats that are not mentioned in this blog, we would love to know.

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